8 Things You Shouldn’t Do at a Garage Sale

Hey, you want to put away your trashcan and recycle those spare tools for a few months. Maybe 2018 was your best year yet. You can’t believe it is still 2019. But when your life is in flux, that October may just be your year, and after another rough year, it’s time to set your goals.

But never buy stuff at a garage sale. Here are eight things you shouldn’t do at a garage sale.

1. Understand how to get food stamps.

Credit: Carlos Peña

Many people are scammed at garage sales by con artists who claim to be there to sell them new backpacks, clothes or other necessities. Just remember that, even if you get overwhelmed by a collection of new jewelry, lamps, furniture or clothes and the potential to spend $20,000, you’re pretty much only good for about $100. (Don’t forget to bring along family.)

2. Don’t purchase duct tape.

Credit: Pati Pomodoro

Buy for yourself because you’re going to be living in a garage for at least some of the year. Plus, here are some items you won’t be able to get by with duct tape — even if you can afford it, especially if you have kids.

3. Do not buy sheetrock.

Credit: Shawn del Rosario

Have you ever seen dollar signs in your bedroom window? It’s happening to many people at garage sales, apparently, but it’s also happening to at least one or two of us. Using code to obtain product marks, it looks like a sheetrock contractor is delivering a bill. And, yes, there is a $20 envelope in there. Just be sure you keep all your receipts.

4. Don’t buy televisions at a garage sale.

Credit: Joshua Overton

Why spend money on this item? Well, the manufacturer might say it will be replaced for only a few thousand dollars, and if you can get it delivered yourself, you’ll save a bundle.

5. Don’t buy art in a garage sale.

Credit: Carlos Peña

Is there a bad artist at a garage sale? No. But many vendors at these garage sales take photos of the artwork and sell it, not for money but just for the privilege. As long as it’s being used by someone else, they can legally sell it at no cost.

6. Don’t buy anything at a garage sale.

Credit: Lucas Horstmann

There are so many options to buy items at a garage sale. Same-old, same-old just wouldn’t fly with you or your house.

7. Don’t buy things from Home Depot.

Credit: Gina De Luca

Even in Ikea, you can’t buy even an extra bed. Now what?

8. Don’t buy from Liquidation World.

Credit: Josh Overton

Unless you’re ready to close that cart, an online vendor doesn’t require a piece of paper or pictures. If you’re prepared to spend money, you can still check on their inventory, and this section of the website gives you links to see where they are, and when they’re available to buy.

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