Enso Village, Inc. Receives Approval from LA City & Seattle City for California Dunes

Enso Village, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the city of Los Angeles and the city of Seattle to build a 204-acre mixed-use community called California Dunes. California Dunes will be located in the Central Metro area of Los Angeles and will be designed as a 33-acre community, surrounded by a public park and the Australian Wetlands. It will include a combination of housing and commercial units with an active residential lifestyle.

Living in California Dunes will not only be the most integrated senior community in California, but it will be designed with robust urban living in mind. Enso Village will utilize state-of-the-art city-class elevators, curb, gutter and paint systems, and energy-efficient features like ELL ENGLAND LEAN™ paneling and heating. Enso Village will provide affordable, independently-dwelling units that are oriented toward engaged older adults with a resident education program designed to address issues such as illness and health, aging out of the home, and mobility limitations.

“We are excited to join forces with Enso Village, Inc. and partner on the California Dunes project, which exemplifies Enso’s vision to provide sophisticated, lifestyle options to all senior residents, which included the adoption of new environmental technologies and incorporating low energy lighting and solar home systems,” commented Kevin J. Evans, President of Enso Village, Inc. “Enso Village, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to the environment, providing cutting edge green building technologies and practices, as well as environmentally friendly architecture and design.”

Enso Village will be supported by an AIA program providing access to leadership, capital, and technical expertise to senior housing developers and provide financial resources and technical support for senior communities throughout the state. AACR will be providing creative financing options, expertise, and wide-ranging resources to help designers develop and build skilled senior housing in California.

According to Mr. Evans, California Dunes is the latest in a long line of planned facilities of our company which, over the last two decades, have placed a great emphasis on innovation, flexibility, and modernism in the senior housing industry.

In particular, Enso Village, Inc. has a long standing commitment to “Accelerate Construction to Serve a Population in Demand,” and has done so with one of the largest residential condo and community complexes in the city of Los Angeles. California Dunes, Enso Village’s first comprehensive housing project in the state, will sit on approximately 135 acres of land. Located approximately 26 miles from downtown Los Angeles, California Dunes will be a vibrant, livable community which will allow Enso Village, Inc. to serve senior residents in all of their living areas with a special focus on livability, quality, and sustainability.

More information about California Dunes can be found at the Irvine Development Authority’s website at www.IrvineDevelopmentAvey.com

To request an interview with Enso Village, Inc. please contact Ann Badesley, Executive Director at (949) 513-9998 or [email protected]

About Enso Village, Inc.

Enso Village, Inc. operates the largest senior housing community in North America, called California Dunes® for Short-Term and Associate Resident Housing. California Dunes® offers a variety of traditional and assisted living residential units. As a “green” lifestyle company, Enso Village, Inc. is committed to providing practical solutions to meet the unique challenges and needs of the Senior Living community-service-oriented communities that we serve. Visit www.EnsoVillage.com to learn more.

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