Get out the mulch this summer

It’s summer. You know what that means, don’t you? Ready to hang onto your mulch and fresh grass just in case the temperatures rise in the coming weeks? Read on for a great tip from Jim Brantner, owner of Eclectic Landscaping, a full-service lawn care and maintenance firm. Here’s what he said to know about keeping your lawn green and healthy all summer.

Thick, static grease can irritate the grass, interfering with watering and fertilizing, which can impact the overall color of your lawn.

Moist conditions on your lawn make it highly susceptible to solar heat loss that can cause your grass to shed roots easily. Make sure you check on your soil before you leave for the drive each day to ensure that the moisture from the sun, and not decay or soil damage, is removed.

Grown-up landscaping shouldn’t require a full-time staff at all times, but a professional-grade product can manage the resulting moisture and environmental conditions better.

Avoid a practice of pruning your lawn in the summer, since the total removal is uneven and comes at a higher cost. Your grass may be regenerating but if you’re able to prune only after your grass has grown too tall, it could encourage rotting, which could damage your lawn.

Brantner recommends using a “seed-burst” product from the neotropical nursery to really improve the look of your lawn. He sells the product through a shingle company he owns in Danbury, Conn. The product is delivered as a “controlled release” device, with a liquid-nitrogen base that improves root development.

Tackle this one at home first: Use a clean medium hose to water your lawn or try a burst of your own water.

Prepare the soil before you’re doing a landscape job. Avoid applying fertilizer from the garden bag or using a preseeding tool on your own land.

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