Jeremy Corbyn and the Green Revolution in Britain

May 18, 2022: The Pro-EU campaign kicks off in Glanusk in north-west England – formerly part of the SNP.

Adults and young voters are turning out in huge numbers in the battle for the European Union elections.

The vote took place on a Thursday afternoon, which puts the world of politics on the same day – rather than the Sunday.

The very first results are expected today (May 18), giving MP22 the rare privilege of unearthing a minimum turnout of 75 per cent.

Over 700,000 people have signed up to vote in Great Britain’s EU Parliamentary elections.

And this trend is set to continue for longer than ever – those who have declined to vote will have to organise a referendum within two years.

But is this a green revolution for the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland?

Perhaps, argues Robert Wadhams, founder of the We Trust campaign.

“I think it is partly the fear of standing alone on these matters and seeking to hold power at any cost – to often find that that alone is where they have got the luckiest floor,” he told BBC News.

He argues that British politics “has degenerated into a spectacle of self-indulgence and very few voters know where it is taking us”.

“There’s a danger of electing a government that is not strong and has a pattern of fiscal indolence,” he added.

“I suspect that we are going to start seeing a very compelling Green takeover by the centre right in Scotland, more significantly to the centre right in the centre right in Wales,” he added.

“People are becoming increasingly disillusioned. What we’re not going to see is a lot of other parties going away,” he warned.

Campaigning for 2020

So what does Tony Blair’s former Prime Minister think the United Kingdom would do now if it went ahead with a Brexit without a voice from Brussels?

“I don’t think a Green revolution would be all that significant in itself,” he said, according to the Oxford Union.

“I think it would mean that at least two years on, we could still make a different choice in 2020.”

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