LADWP Undergoes New Funding and Carbon Certificates Contract with Green Deal LA

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has agreed to a new arrangement with Green Deal LA, a low-carbon public charging station program, that would further the municipality’s goal of raising prices for municipal electric and natural gas utilities on recycled and recycled water, carbon-credit offsets and auctioned renewable energy credits. The officials acknowledged that the 15-year agreement was a first step toward developing the use of hydrogen to run electric vehicles.

“The commitment of this future-oriented agreement with another local utility is important in addressing the renewable energy and cost gap in the city,” said Governor Jerry Brown, in a statement. “LADWP has been a leader in solar energy for decades, and we are pleased they will continue to build on this legacy. I look forward to working with LADWP leaders to ensure they continue to lead in the use of clean and renewable energy.”

The program began with Hydrogen Max, the local electric utility which has installed about 160 of the applications in the program, and will soon be adding more. The extended agreement with the Water Department “will not require new electric or natural gas infrastructure or service.”

“In addition to introducing low-energy renewable sources of energy into the electrical grid, we will be able to grow the local hydrogen supply sources for their vehicles to complement what’s available to the car companies to build their own hydrogen vehicles in the market,” said Piedad Molla, senior vice president of operations at the Water Department.


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