New York City to Expand Union Square Café Program

Two New York City neighborhoods have access to three extra years of the Union Square Café program: Madison Square Park and Chinatown. The “Café Street” program in both areas, announced Tuesday by Mayor Bill de Blasio, will expand and remain in place for the rest of this year.

In Madison Square Park, which stretches along Sixth Avenue from Broadway to 7th Street between Madison and Douglass streets, the program will extend its hours to Monday through Friday and for the rest of this year. Dormant older buildings at Sixth Avenue and Sixth Street will be gradually re-installed with wood for serving food and other living facilities to residents.

In Chinatown, the program will resume to 11 p.m. on Fridays and weekends from June to December. Last year, the city expanded the program to reach neighboring Harvard Square, although, it said, the Chinatown program didn’t get support from City Hall.

Both programs will continue to use the same food selection, according to the mayor’s office.

“This innovative program helps neighborhoods like Chinatown and Madison Square Park by providing an equitable alternative to big chains that force down residents’ wages and rob neighborhoods of basic necessities. I encourage members of the public to contribute to the innovative New York City projects to get the city moving again,” said Mr. de Blasio.

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