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Lawyers: In order to evaluate your options, please review the following information. (Click here to read the information; then scroll down, go to the “Legal Announcements” button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.)

A. A consumer from South Brunswick, New Jersey, or South Brunswick, New Jersey, whose income is less than $35,000 or if homeless, in a shelter from May 19 to May 27:

“My name is Mary Dibley and I live in an assisted living facility in South Brunswick, New Jersey and earn $17,264 annually.

Please understand that I do not require any assistance from the service providers at the facility to do my financial or medical affairs.

I therefore find it important that I have all the information I need to meet with you and answer questions. I am only asking to discuss any shared fees that are commonly charged for my services. I also did not expect to have to complete all my financial transactions through my “trust fund.” I do not have the funds to do this. I am also requesting that you contact the attorney responsible for our attorney withholding of all documents filed in the bankruptcy proceedings by the trustee.

The trustee has announced publicly he is seeking to claim assets from our company and any other company incorporated in New Jersey to pay his expenses and unsecured creditors of the company to whom he owes alimony and/or child support. I am hoping we can meet with the trustee at your convenience to discuss the possibility of future payment of this material to you. I am a vulnerable individual who has relied on you to financially care for me over the past few years and would like to settle, if possible, this financial matter between me and your company.”

D. A legal service provider from Queens, New York, or Queens, New York, who engaged in divorce, custody and physical abuse:

“This may be a difficult step for my children, but I do not expect you to grant any reprieve to me. In order to make sure my children’s interests are represented in this dispute, I am requesting your services to process a payment plan so I may be able to live without the fear of being incarcerated for childhood sexual assault. I also have to put $21,000 towards a back payment of all support of my children for support until I am able to work again. I am also asking that you do not allow me to drive my car as my custody and protection arrangements must be made.

While I am hopeful and confident of a deal with you, it is critical that the children not be further in the dark regarding our ongoing fight. If you cannot afford to make your agreements with me, to inform your children, that you cannot support this relationship, they will have little or no time to show to you. I am unable to find the money in my account, and the court does not believe that I can continue to provide the support necessary. I therefore rely upon you to make these critical and essential payments in a timely manner. If you can explain to my children why this is necessary to them, they will be assured that I am being responsible for them. We are grateful to be together, but I will be if you can assist me in making my payments to get through this and actually start to live.”

D. A legal service provider from Manhattan, New York, or Manhattan, New York, who engaged in a financial dispute:

“We are a legal service provider from Queens, New York and spend over $200,000 per year on taxes and other legal fees. I have spent most of my life trying to be as sure that my clients will not be threatened by extortion or threats of termination of the services they have received. However, we have been unable to complete the $180,000 in services this client requested. I do not wish to risk my clients’ safety by unilaterally ending the services.”

You are urged to read the following (click on the “Legal Announcements” button in the lower left-hand corner of the page) to read the information:

1. Specific information concerning the current status of the various payment plans.

2. The range of potential payments on the dispute.

3. Email correspondence between Ms. Dibley and Ms. Dibley concerning the matters you are seeking to discuss.

4. The possibility of others following suit in negotiations.

After reading this information, please call or email Karen Elgartz at 813-255-2146 and/or Bob Oestreich at 917-783-7551 and/or Peter Spiewak at 978-298-2203 and email via [email protected] for a list of everyone who helped you this past year with these issues and

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