Try the Wildly Innovative Wind Tunnel at San Francisco’s Next Globe-Spending South Beach Park

You’re invited to invest in a “harem”! Or, wind up next to some gentrification crooks in just a few days’ time, with a chance to compete for a 250-foot-wide, 4,080-square-foot penthouse or $200,000,000, 5-bedroom home with lots of clear views of downtown.

Such is the profile of 430 acres in Maui’s Lani neighborhood, off of the City-County line — and, as you’ve probably guessed by now, less than 1/3 of the land in the area was ever plowed up by logging companies in the days when property became commodities and wasn’t offered for cheap.

The owners, David and Fred McFall, purchased the land about 10 years ago. An area of custom stone fences now line the parking lot that surrounds the compound (look out for a large sculpture of a noble horse, with a carved crown, on the backside of one of the fences).

Open-space and industrial upgrades — like a large building and automated plant that can use solar energy, for example — have taken place on about half the land. An artificial island has also been built around the property, which is also home to an impressive dog park.

The property, listed on, is at 546 Lani Dr., a stretch of wooded and secluded beach land of towering mountain views, a few miles north of Hana Highway, and not far from the county line.

What’s more, it’s close to Google, Maui Land & Leisure and Connections Internet, a portal for customers looking for employment and businesses.

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