A Church, an Etsy Store, and a Spring Sale in Sandy Springs

From left, Daisy Chisholm, Della Macdonald, Anna Gould, Anne Vogel and Corrine Rouse join over half a dozen other locals to participate in the Stemettes Spring Sale: Donations collected will be used to help prevent bullying at their church. Shown are Ann Vogel, Dee Stecher, Anna Gould, Lois Warshawski, Shauna Clarke, Corrine Rouse, Daisy Chisholm, Jeanie Ricker, Jenna Brown and Corrine Rouse. Picture taken on May 4, 2010. (Photo by Andrew Sorkin/The New York Times)

Church hosting Spring Sale on Saturday

Students from Episcopal Church of the Kingdom in Sandy Springs are banding together to collect donations for their church.

Some of the proceeds of the Stemettes Spring Sale will go toward those who have suffered from bullying at the Sandy Springs church.

The Stemettes, like the church, are for students of all ages and grades.

“We’re trying to keep our school environment safe and free from bullying and violence,” said Colette Carr, who runs the house of worship. “One of the first goals was to set up a bullying prevention group. We are all hoping that the Spring Sale will provide the funds and the local support needed to help.”

The SCC, which offers the Holly Creek School for Girls, according to its website, is a Christian school for students grades 5-12. It is a student-run school and has a lot of support from surrounding towns.

All church members are “hopeful for a united response,” said Patti Sturt, the school board’s president, in a statement, adding that, “We continue to realize how important it is to have a safe and respectful school environment, and that continues to be the goal of this Spring Sale.”

Choudhary, the managing partner at Emily-the Shop, is one of the volunteers who came up with the idea for the Spring Sale. She owns the Etsy store and serves as the shop’s curator.

“We wanted to have it in Sandy Springs, so it’s a very small community,” she said. “At the same time we wanted to go into Sandy Springs Church to support them for the Spring Sale, so that’s what we did.”

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