Alicia Silverstone Calls out Female Role Models

Be sure you eat your veggies, people.

“Eat the vegetables, don’t waste them on processed food that we are supposed to eat,” said director Roberta Reardon.

“I would go with eggs. I would always go with eggs.

“And I would never say that you shouldn’t eat healthy, and also because I would never tell her anything about that, because she would kick me in the shin.”

Someone who knows better than anyone about the need to avoid high-calorie, high-sodium foods and processed foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, such as white bread, added sugar and salt, is Alicia Silverstone.

With a 2.0 GPA and an entrepreneurial life, it should come as no surprise that Silverstone is concerned about the views of those who preach a “little more superana.”

In the new documentary, “Coming Apart,” about the large differences between the views of people of color and those of white families, Silverstone touches on this issue while sharing tips for what she believes is the perfect Valentine’s Day.

“For that really important day — Valentine’s Day — which, in many ways, I’ve always thought is really about bringing love, peace and romance, and that’s so important, but it’s also something that we have, I think, to celebrate,” Silverstone said in a recent interview.

“You should celebrate love, you should celebrate life, because there’s no way you can spend Valentine’s Day without loving somebody. And that’s one of the few times that, for me, romanticization of women doesn’t come up. There is so much romanticized imagery around love that leaves people feeling like they’re not enough, and that there is no true love.”

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