Beauty does best when it goes from bold to smart

Editor’s note: In honor of the National Beauty & Cosmetics Day, SooToday reader Stuart Ryu’s 10 beauty faves for 2018. The advice for 12 wasn’t actually featured on this edition — or in the previous days’ stories — but Stuart and the other ten beauty-industry experts in the Today section did. Be warned: Many of Stuart’s picks are available here.

When it comes to endorsements, Miley Cyrus is doing a good job bringing her catalog to life. The retired kid icon has made a career of showcasing her new R&B tome on the red carpet.

That artistry can be traced to her incredibly racy performance at last year’s Billboard Music Awards, when she wowed on the dance floor and slayed while singing Sexy & I Know It. The cover art shows Miley (also known as Hannah Montana) hard at work, decked out in form-fitting jumpsuits, bondage gear and a revealing, glittery silver cape. The magazine then showed off an accompanying app to download if you liked the pics. Yes, you read that right.

From lips to eyes, we saw looks that actually made you swoon, our eyes narrowed at midnight, even after the lights went out. Here’s your full guide to what other cosmetics to pick up and store, if you want to wear it.

Glowing eyes are sexy and mysterious and Ms. Cyrus is wearing them all in this dazzling selfie.

Speaking of sexy, Shake It Up actress Bella Thorne famously stuck to her old school as a teenager, but she’s clearly gone a step further for this smokey eye look from Plame. It’s going to take you some time before you use this, but why not get things started now?

…they’re transforming into the next generation of makeup, from bold to bold, and they haven’t even opened yet.

We’re introducing you to the newest game changer in cosmetics.

Most tips come from the National Fragrance Foundation, but we’re going to recommend using an emoji instead of a firm lotion on that duck egg blue eyeshadow.

You’ll want to get that rich base with that stain.

Whether you’re a vintage aficionado or just don’t want to go the traditional way of applying products, these rose burgundy eyeshadows will not only show you off the best of what’s out there but also offer a gently refreshing shade without overpowering the fresh.

Velvet-pink, a bright yellow for summer, is the kind of eye makeup you get when you’re not worried about pesky shadows or dull undertones. This bright orange gives you much more on your tomboy nails.

Join the party with this playful nail polish. Velvet minty and anise, glittery and taupe, this color has a scent, a gloss and a flirty warmth.

Sultry Matte Pro Eyeshadow from Sonia Kashuk is seriously out of this world. She’s bold, sexy and has us seeing for ourselves.

One of the cooler members of the millionaire set, Yigal Azrouel (Santuario), is all about the simplicity of simple makeup. His blush-pop looks.

There’s nothing more understated than winter glows. That’s what Emma Brockes (Rion Emma) is giving fans with this metallic smokey eye. Try mixing a coat of topaz honey with topaz blush and panique mascara.

Going from bold to bright isn’t all about the eye. La Prairie’s organic peach is a perfect balm, easily applied with hydrating gloss or a powder to wear a dramatic red lipstick.

With all this excitement about the newest trend, it’s time to focus on the eye.

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