Chuck Grodin, actor, world-famous wisecracker

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Chuck Grodin, a famous and not-so-famous actor who started his career in Hollywood as a snappy one-liner stuck on stock footage in the 1950s, went to theaters in theaters around the world during his lifetime. He would play a straight man, a lawyer, a model, a restaurateur, a hitman, a salesman, a brothel owner, a hamburger restaurant manager, and an heiress to the Fenway Sports Club. He was in movies for 19 years. He was in television before that. He appeared in four movies and 22 in TV.

Even in this kind of career, he never had the chance to say “I’m sorry.”

Grodin, who lived in Seattle, died at his house Wednesday at the age of 86. We mourn his loss. A memorial service is planned for June 9 at the Sequim Saloon.

Grodin began his career in Hollywood in 1950 with a working role in The Yearling and appeared in so many movies that Hollywood execs had to shoot his birthdate out of film during production.

He was nominated for an Oscar in 1968 for his role in the movie Fondling the Bride, and in 1972 was nominated for Best Actor for a supporting role in the movie Theater of a Murder.

In 1979, the Brooklyn Academy of Music named him an avowed member of its Hall of Fame.


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