Demi Lovato On Being Bi And Nonbinary: ‘I Am Bi’

Demi Lovato recently opened up about her nonbinary status during a public interview.

She told PEOPLE at a concert in Aspen, Colorado, last week, “I am bisexual. I am not interested in being in a relationship with a woman or a man, and I am not attracted to people of any sexual orientation. I have chosen to be nonbinary, and I guess that’s pretty groundbreaking.”

Lovato’s words come ahead of a June 14 release of an album titled Overcome, and comes at a time when many public figures have been making more subtle statements. Former Just Dance dancer and a declared LGBTQ activist openly declared her status on Jan. 9 in an essay for Vogue, stating, “I am a female trans woman of color living in an America that still has a very limited understanding of what it means to be nonbinary, cis or queer.” She also wrote of being “overwhelmed by the joy, thankfulness, respect, and curiosity that other nonbinary people have when they hear or read from one another.”

Read the full story at PEOPLE.


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