See Us Unite for Change Panel Discussion to Kick off June 3 concert at City Hall

On June 3, the Americans are invited to City Hall, where leaders from all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico will hold a “unity” concert featuring the performances of Broadway’s finest, the world-renowned musical “Waitress,” a Mexican salsa troupe, and reggaeton artist, Big Daddy Kane. The concert will be held at 4 p.m. and will be followed by a one-hour panel discussion featuring world-renowned rapper, songwriter, and comedian, Daddy Yankee and his wife, Constance; and actor, musician, and philanthropist, Mingo Forbes; author, Simon Sinek; journalist, Ali Ondaatje; film director, Martin Scorsese; filmmaker, Sharon Stone; and singer, singer, and actress, Jennifer Lopez. The panel, moderated by New York Times best-selling author Lisa Ling, will be moderated by Louise Weinstock, of CNN affiliate CBS LA, and will be streamed live from City Hall. Join Lisa, Jeremy Lin, and other attendees for a free, exclusive screening of the documentary, “See Us Unite for Change,” which will be broadcast on C-SPAN over-the-air as part of the documentary’s “We Need More Chicks” airing. “We Need More Chicks” took the NYC show stage and pre-show as they took a moment to reveal a few memorable moments during this year’s United Shades of America summit. Tickets to the panel discussion are $10 each, and all proceeds will benefit See Us Unite for Change.

Learn more about See Us Unite for Change here.

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