Your Recent International Boxed Books, the World Says: June 21

Prices Are as High as the World Ends, According to Christie’s

For a Wednesday June 21 hold auction, customers will get a different venue this year for their worldwide purchase. As it turns out, the U.S. is also up for auction, and Christie’s preview is taking place at the Limelight on May 23. All the sharks will be pumping their beaks at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair on Saturday, May 19. The showcase will offer first-resale opportunities for big collectors and collectors who have held off on buying this year. They’ll be targeting the same buyers who were strong participants at the auctions in April: rich Middle Eastern collectors.

Silhouettes Abound at Christie’s May 26

This month’s pop-up auction by Japanese furniture company-designer Takashi Kojima has been called “an electronic collection of minimalism”. Some pieces are showing at MoMA PS1 at a booth this weekend (… which will show at auction on May 26. The ubiquitous “drastically simple” decorator’s patterns will be on display, but it looks like everything is just to be viewed. The auction is likely to include some pieces from a new home collection, which looks as if it might be private art collections or an artist’s kakuni. There’s a lot of room left for repeat visits.

You Can Buy One of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Rings for £8,000, according to Christie’s

Right now, if you want to buy a piece of the royal wedding rings of Prince William and Kate Middleton — as well as any that’s white or gold — you must fight off resistance and finds. Eventually, while the auction might be about to come up, said a bank representative to the Wall Street Journal, the price of the actual rings is likely to climb. They will sell at the auction for an amount higher than its estimated $200,000.

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