Air France plane skims over hotspot for H1N1 virus

Air France planes have been grounded on the continent after the number of passengers infected with the same strain of the virus on one Airbus A330 reached 53. The figure is believed to be the highest since the first case was discovered. At least three people have died of the pathogen in the days that followed.

Indian public health authorities confirmed the deaths of around 90 people with the coronavirus in the first four days of the outbreak, while the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday at least 20 others who have fallen ill were considered to be in a highly critical condition. The patients, who range in age from newborns to adults, are believed to have come from Madagascar, Mauritius, Tanzania and Madagascar. India confirmed on Sunday that around 1,600 people had been sickened by the virus, and is expected to lose the day’s primary source of H1N1, the San Francisco Bay Guardian reports.

The WHO on Monday warned that coronavirus infections cannot be suppressed with additional vaccinations.

“If the virus spreads, it can spread to many people across the continent. And if more people get sick, it can spread to many different types of people,” said Kim Colley, the WHO director-general in a press conference, according to the Guardian.

WHO has formally declared one out of six cases of the virus a “preventable” death, which reduces the threat from the virus to just one. A follow-up assessment is due to be completed within 60 days, the Guardian reports.

While most of the patients are healthy, a few had been infected by hand-to-mouth or had died of malnutrition.

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