Long Beach man writes and forges on the Wild West

By Carole Carver | The Long Beach Press Telegram

Harald Kondrk, whose books have sold 1.7 million copies, was a Yank with a talent to live with the sun, friends say.

He had the nervous energy of an athlete. And he loved camping with his mom.

After discussing his interest in the outdoors with his parents, he settled on taking trip to camp with his mom. She was like a big sister, he said, and who would want to be with a mom with a knack for charming some dude at a camp.

A review of Kondrk’s original “A Middle-Aged Pilgrimage to Camp” at Rolling Hills Mooney Adventure Camp in Long Beach asks: “How many people have heard about Marci McLean, The Long Beach woman who turned a middle-aged man into a campfire savant — best known for her innovative designs for the 18-thousands and 5,000s of Rockin Camps? In the new book ‘Camp,’ McLean’s book ‘A Middle-Aged Pilgrimage to Camp,’ you’ll get all of that and more.”

About the book: “Camp offers retreats for people who don’t normally frequent the site, a family of T.O.s, skiers, hikers, racers and horseback riders. My friends and I were intrigued by the idea. Camp staff — like our own — have a unique approach to promoting new activities.”

Online: mcclaurin.c-an.it

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