NYC’s Schools Recognized for Themes of Making Kids Safe

Each year, the Board of Education honors employees from the six New York City public schools based on extraordinary performance. This year, in addition to honoring individuals from each school, each of the agencies honored had a major crime prevention focus and identified their individual important work in this area.

Starting as a desk clerk in the elementary school of Castro Street in Brooklyn’s South Bay community, Renee Bowles became principal of the school in 2002 and developed a focus on teaching neighborhood children how to navigate the streets so they can get to their schools safely and have academic success.

When Bowles was tasked with improving safety at the school, she turned to the Parks and Recreation Department, which was concerned about children in neighborhoods like hers.

During its annual celebration, the CSISD Board of Education recognized four outstanding examples of CSISD’s leadership in protecting its students and developing a coordinated solution to the city’s Department of Education’s day to day challenges.

Each of the educational agencies honored had, on average, one notable case of exemplary leadership performance each year.

CSISD included:

Atlantic Avenue School – A study by Impact Rating showed that headmistress Frances Ross achieved highly peer-reviewed individual honorably throughout her career and helped support students and strengthen families.

Bronx Math Academy School – teacher John Chen assisted parents in creating a successful cluster of community schools.

Caelyne Caldwell in P.S. 18 – reflected on CSISD’s upbringing and involvement with the community.

CSISD’s sixth principal, Dr. Christine Chilton, is responsible for student attendance, adult literacy, support for school safety, student success, and a consistent network of adult mentors.

(C) New York Times News Service

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