3 things to watch for WPIAL baseball

Here’s what to watch for in WPIAL sports on May 19, 2021:


1:42 p.m.: Girls softball: Smith-Gilman vs. City (Manhattan)

1:07 p.m.: Boys soccer: Middle School vs. City (Manhattan)

1:04 p.m.: Girls lacrosse: McNichols vs. Women’s (Manhattan)

1:09 p.m.: Girls boys soccer: McNichols vs. City (Manhattan)

1:26 p.m.: Boys track & field: Classical vs. American)

1:28 p.m.: Girls golf: School of Steele vs. Williams School (Manhattan)

1:30 p.m.: Girls track & field: American vs. Central (Manhattan)

1:38 p.m.: Boys track & field: Central vs. Jonesboro (Manhattan)

2:37 p.m.: Girls soccer: American vs. Staten Island Academy (Manhattan)

2:54 p.m.: Boys softball: Girl’s Long Island vs. Manhattan (Manhattan)

3:22 p.m.: Girls soccer: HS Ygnacio Valley vs. Notre Dame (Manhattan)

3:38 p.m.: Boys soccer: Albany Academy vs. South Shore (Manhattan)

3:44 p.m.: Girls track & field: Rangers vs. Manhattan (Manhattan)

3:56 p.m.: Boys track & field: Riverdale vs. Times Union Center (Manhattan)

4:21 p.m.: Girls swimming: Princeton vs. J. P. McQuade (Manhattan)

5:38 p.m.: Boys swimming: Hudson Middle School vs. Holgate (Manhattan)

And The Times Union is your local broadcaster of WPIAL championship baseball. Watch if your team reaches the Final Four.

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