Legacy Pointe Sports Complex Debuts With 5,000 square feet of Gaming Space and Investments of $31 Million

The massive Legacy Pointe Sports Complex, which was officially opened yesterday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a diverse assemblage of sports executives, elected officials and sports industry executives, including Mr. Cuomo, as the capital of its 17-year growth trajectory, has a brand-new headquarters.

The complex, in Long Island City, features more than 18,000 square feet of gyms, 40,000 square feet of recreational space, and 5,000 square feet of computerized gaming in classrooms and training rooms, as well as a track & field facility, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and soccer fields, ball fields, and tennis courts. The complex, which officially is now open for business, is the city’s largest indoor facility dedicated to various sports leagues.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called this the crown jewel of NYS sports and it’s a grand event in a growing lot for the city.

State Sen. James Seward (D-Bay Shore), who served in his seat on the state assembly, said the sports complex is at the center of this new growth, bringing with it “great convenience” for the city and giving “some opportunity for Brooklyn and Queens to be a little more connected to the best athletes in the country.”

Tony Strenk, chairman of the Legacy Pointe Board of Trustees, said the complex’s new headquarters was the “passion project” for his board, and about 20 percent of the team members were relocated for the new training facility’s relocation. He also said the corporate management and construction partners for the complex helped create a better place for the community.

Cecilia Tkaczyk, Ms. Cuomo’s press secretary, called the Legacy Pointe complex a “the crown jewel of the City of New York’s economic renaissance.”

“It builds on the city’s extensive and growing partnerships with hundreds of companies that have opened or have expansion projects in the past year,” Ms. Tkaczyk said. “Whether they’re investing in new facilities to connect with the growing demand for premier equipment, or growing from within after their arrival, Legacy Pointe Sports Complex is ensuring that the growing number of New Yorkers sported by sports professionals in the city has a new path to success.”


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