Yahoo Sports Inks Streaming Deal with the NFL

The NFL’s streaming service, the NFL Network, will keep live video of its games online through Yahoo Sports, a company executive said Friday.

Yahoo Sports has been the premier provider of NFL content for more than a decade and has been an ongoing partner on the league’s platform. The company has already worked to add live camera and special game video streamed by Yahoo Sports, but many believe that other sites’ offerings will improve.

“We’re going to continue to show what we’ve got,” said Dan Koppen, the general manager of Yahoo Sports and its live event streaming service.

The NFL typically hands the product over to third-party providers, such as Facebook Live, however Yahoo Sports has reportedly partnered with NBC Sports and ESPN to augment its live video. Koppen said Yahoo Sports will continue to act as a “destination point” for fans who want to watch events without time constraints.

Yahoo Sports will use its streaming service in Yahoo’s app, Yahoo Screen, where its games are generally accessible, but it can also be loaded onto PCs and other devices via a browser.

The league has worked with ESPN to expand the amount of league and team video on its platform for the 2018-19 season, but has not added additional streaming live events.

The network made another decision Friday to place live content only on its website. The league, however, will continue to provide pre-game and post-game highlights.

Yahoo is also curating content to be showcased on Yahoo Screen. This will allow players to also be able to upload on Yahoo from their own social media accounts and to be featured at match sites.

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