Annually Very Nice in the Summer, Highs in the 70s on the East Coast

In the past few years, anomalously warm weather has set up during the summer, robbing the United States of a period of unusually mild winters. But the heart of this issue appears to lie off the coast, continuing past Boston for at least the next few weeks. This coincides with a temperature pattern in the jet stream being very favorable for high pressure, even at this late date. Here is the latest at 15:00 on Thursday:

The pattern during the past week of a well-balanced pattern of highs in the high 70s to lower 80s at both Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. This low pressure area is attached to a ridge over the Bahamas. While this does not cause the typical Northeast-Florida mixing for the June equinox, it helps. This combination also allows for low pressure to build in the ocean over the early summer to give us cold lake tides in the Cape Cod Bay. It will contribute to this outflow over the Atlantic for the next several days.

This pattern will persist for a few more days, but likely through the weekend. The southshores will continue to get warmer, bringing in lake color. Expect highs in the upper 70s with low humidity. But for the duration of the summer, we will be in the 80s.

These highs will last through May 29 for nearly seven weeks! Sea level as well. May is not a strong month in terms of high tides and temperatures, but Mother Nature’s great, most-sinkable friend is already here.

As I write this, the mercury has climbed into the high 80s and will hang around that trend for a few more days. Look for readings in the mid-80s through the weekend.

Sandy-like weather doesn’t become widely available until late this month into early June. This pattern is causing us to avoid riding the Eastern Seaboard warm streak. Instead, the next three or four weeks will take on the normal semblance of cold — with more day-to-day highs.

In the meantime, we cannot be left guessing the pattern next winter, as it is not unique to this year.

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