Corporate Photography Corps Halts Its Work to Provide Photographic Equipment to a Charity

A handful of corporate photography teams, including New York, have committed to donating their time and equipment to aid organizations set up by the United Nations in partnership with U.N. Photo 1.

From noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 19 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, 1 W. 57th St., there will be a special event to highlight, a global cause-media initiative, which features online advocacy videos that have been seen by more than 600 million people and which have been featured on the Today Show, the Today show, Inside Edition, and others. FindHope’s founder, Douglas C. Lane, SVP, Global Global Communications, views this as a perfect match for several of his company’s employees: Within 18 months of taking on the project in January of 2017, 20 of the company’s photographers all have come up with new photography. By mid-January, a full team of 40 working with the visual innovators had created 18 creative applications for improvement, sharing hopes and recipes with the world.

Competitive Group Production, LLC, a Madison Avenue photography shop that specializes in seniors and widows, has been working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to purchase a camera for a senior photographer’s trip to Botswana on behalf of a client. An additional 10 photographers have joined the collective, enabling to have some exceptional photographers and digital operatives around the world.

Digital creative agency Kilroy Thomas produces more than 10,000 films for more than 60 clients, producing more than 75,000 images a year. When offering to contribute a few hours of his time to’s cause-programming, Kilroy had to ask the right questions: “Would I participate? Would it help with other important causes? Is it a good enough return on my contribution to get people motivated?”

Most of the interested corporations that have committed to the cause, upon learning that they couldn’t afford to fully fund the Project, contributed the camera and equipment directly to the charity.

“Their mission is incredibly valuable to us,” says Brett Newell, managing director of Digital Creative, who saw “if we could really make them happy.” “We hope that one day we are able to help the cause through digital initiatives.”

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