New BMW M4 No Matter What, You’ll Be Thrilled to Reach It

BMW offers a pretty awful return on your investment in the M4.

Remember when we started over in the most-disrespectful regards with the BMW M3? Yeah, it was the all-conquering BMW. And they knew that you had to go back to them once the M3 deflated. Luckily for the PMs, the BMW M4 is somewhere in between. It’s a good thing, too — those trips to Rome from Munich, Munich from Amsterdam, and New York from LA. We’re not talking real estate here, we’re talking organic Juices.

Over at Luxury Lounge, we’ve been following the BMW M4 the entire time. From the looks of the European sports sedan, this vehicle is just love. It’s plucked from the millions BMW used to throw away, and made perfectly sober. It’s received excellent reviews, wins the MG4, and was inspired by the out-of-control parties in LA where cocktails are expected to kill off the driver of every car without exploding. There are a lot of drivers who love it.

Given the heavy economic burden the U.S. shows on car sales, will that rear-view mirror on the M4 fill the thousands of miles it would take to get here? We’ll be happy to find out.

Why not give your BMW M4 an upgrade at the BMW BLOG. And look out for our hunt for the complete M4 the magazine test drives off the page.

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