Shinobu Hashimoto’s Last of Us to be released next week

The world will be witnesses to Shinobu Hashimoto’s madcap Last of Us game when it hits shelves next week for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. If you preorder a copy of the title, you get all of the bonuses you could have expected along with $99.99 for physical and digital downloads, plus a title of limited art on the bargain window.

Dead Island was the last game to receive these bonuses, for now at least. Sony’s Inquisitr last week noted that the upcoming anime movie premiered with the Ghost of Tsushima soundtrack, “a new South Korean treatment of the era-dubbed Japanese title.” Players will get bonus content, including two new demos, a few exclusive weapon classes, and a trailer that acts like a prequel to the game. You can download the final Soundtrack as a standalone package for $4.99.

Yakuza creator Yoshinori Ono has directed the voice cast, and pre-orders include a slew of weapons and armor, from shotguns to wolves. It’s an early indicator of interest in the game, which is only a few weeks old after releasing this week.

Sony continues to tease the announcement of the release date of the game. It was originally supposed to arrive in the middle of July, which would have made it the official launch date for the PlayStation console. Instead, we are still awaiting the game’s unveiling and next week’s demo.

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