Sony’s PS5 Is Out Today, Soon

The elusive, potentially life-saving PS5 has a sneak preview inside. Following months of speculation over when the new high-end gaming console would be launched, Sony is finally revealing the deal behind its PS5 lineup, albeit for a limited time.

It was a prudent move on Sony’s part, too. With the standard PS4 still selling like hotcakes, the company isn’t sure if the sales will hold up for the new PS5, which is due out sometime in 2018, or if it’ll cannibalize sales.

Today, all PS4 and PS4 Pro gamers who purchased one of the console’s two new lenses before March 31 have an opportunity to choose between a single-lens camera set ($349), or a dual-lens camera set ($399), which shoots a wide-angle lens and a 50-600mm f/1.8 telephoto lens.

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Powering the PS5 is a quad-core NVIDIA Tesla S6 graphics processor with 128-bit clocked processing, the kind of processor you’d usually find at a $300 gaming laptop (though they’d typically use a processor that’s clocked at under 5GHz). Neither the PS4 nor PS4 Pro have their own Pascal GPU, so they’re likely to use both Tesla S6 cores instead.

Launching today, the old models will continue to be sold, alongside the new built-in power supply units which were first introduced in February 2017.

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“We are extremely excited to launch our premium PS5 console,” said Cameron Williams, PS President. “The revolutionary features that have always made the PS4 an ultimate gaming system, will continue to provide an extraordinary gaming experience.”

The PS5 is scheduled to release on May 20 and will sell for $399.95.

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