Need proof of Manchester’s up-and-coming foodie culture?

A chant of “Allah” is heard over a three-course dinner at the Machala Restaurant and Bistro, Thursday, July 6. (Allen Chae/Aitkin Independent Age)

Lunchtime menu at the Machala Restaurant and Bistro, Saturday, July 7. (Allen Chae/Aitkin Independent Age)

Vendors showcase crafts at the Machala Restaurant and Bistro, Friday, July 13. (Allen Chae/Aitkin Independent Age)

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Dear Manchester Organic Restaurant and Bistro:

Since launching in Manchester, New York, on Nov. 13, 2015, we can proudly say that thanks to our loyal members and guests, we have created an absolutely wonderful program of awards, entertainment, snacks, and gourmet food experiences.

And we can not help but be proud of the team at Eat N’ Drink Kitchen, Restaurant and Sip (known as “THE FOODs” in Chef Blaine and Chris’s household). Since this “store of the week” launched in December 2015, as well as Mike and Ryan’s 5-0 party in March 2017, and everything they do at BU, NYC’s “Eat N’ Drink Kitchen” has helped spark a conversation about how all this food and drink was created, tasted, and prepared, whether you’re at their and the other eateries we serve.

Need proof? Here’s a list of three ways to celebrate New York State’s first International International Film Festival:

Thursday, July 6, 6-10 pm: The latest pre-holiday! The Mangala Restaurant and Bistro (Just six minutes west of the IFF at Machala Restaurant & Bistro, 432 Main Street) invites you into their exciting gourmet bistro for the movies! It will be an afternoon of entertaining and delicious food. The Mangala Restaurant and Bistro is a stylish and elegant oasis where you’ll find the clean, modern line at unique and delightful locations in downtown Manchester and throughout the Bronx.

Thursday, July 13, 6-10 pm: At BU, NYC’s “Eat N’ Drink Kitchen” where you can indulge your inner Sunseeker as you’ll find all of BU’s creative cuisine; The Bloody Olive restaurant, a multi-generational of Italiano food; the Tribute lounge; The Ambassador bar; Table 6 Tequila and Hennessey; and the Four Horsemen! Don’t worry, you’ll be served their signature cocktails, beverages, and food, including their ever-popular “Algonquin Cocktail” that provides “the fixings” for a great night out, too.

Call 505-2441 to reserve your spot to attend the Mangala Restaurant & Bistro end-of-the-year celebration.

Lunchtime menu at the Machala Restaurant and Bistro, Thursday, July 6. (Allen Chae/Aitkin Independent Age)

Hours: Thursday-Monday-Thursdays, 11:30 am-8 pm, Fridays-Saturday 11:30 am-12 am, closed Sundays.

You’re welcome!

To learn more about the Best of New York International Film Festival, or to contact BU for seating information and a screening calendar, see

Disclosure: Allen Chae was an executive producer on the film Hotel Mabry, published in December 2014.

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