Study Shows More Than Half of NYC Businesses in Nassau-Suffolk Count on Community Access

With 400 businesses counting on getting people to shop, officials at New York State Assembly Bill 715 and the New York State Department of Community Affairs released the latest report on the involvement of people in business development activities in the Nassau-Suffolk region. According to the report, which was developed over a three-year period, residents of Nassau-Suffolk County and people outside of Nassau-Suffolk County incorporated 135 different businesses – primarily tech businesses – in the county during the period from 2015-2016.

According to the release, the report shows that 50 percent of businesses in Nassau-Suffolk County were founded in the past five years. And 33 percent of new businesses were based in Suffolk County during the period. The majority of people who held or established a business or received a business license within the years spent in Nassau-Suffolk County were residents from the city or county, while 37 percent were other state residents.

“This is the latest evidence that our core public services aren’t working properly,” Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said in a release. “Instead of letting businesses prosper while providing jobs, the time for Nassau County to focus on improving the vibrancy of our County is now. Council Member (Jamie) Quigley has proposed a number of initiatives to do just that, including a growing cultural village and certain airports that lack the infrastructure needed to support a more dynamic business climate.”

Read the full release here.

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