Green Drinks Gets Buzzy With Under-the-Radar Event

Green Drinks, an organization dedicated to addressing the “rottenness” of the American beverage industry, has set its first meeting for Tuesday in its 7th annual “Something’s Better” on Manhattan. The meeting will serve as a peer-to-peer forum to discuss a range of issues related to the environment, to reduce waste and to further support the nation’s finest glass drinking and brewing facilities. The organization is comprised of several New York-based brewers, including Brooklyn Brewery and Pabst Brewing, as well as Aslan, Irish Soda Works, Fairmount Brewing, Green Teas and Farmhouse Soda Company of Albany.

In its news release, the organizers caution that though the nature of the meeting would “proceed in an informal atmosphere,” the intent is “to foster community partnership among brewers, drinkers, sustainable food and beverage companies, urban planners, government and businesses to address how the beverage industry can produce and consume sustainably and using sustainable means.” The meeting is expected to begin at 10 a.m. at Celebrate Collective, 565 Hanover Street in the Flatiron District.

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