Lululemon is closing its Canadian HQ and sending an email about its website changes


Stop, gasp, pause. If you’re one of those voyeurs who follows Lululemon’s every move, then now might be the time to visit your nearest headquarters for some top-notch pants and shorts.

Vulcan looks like it may just be on its way out; the track-and-jacket brand sent out an email last month saying it would be closing its Vancouver operation. Lululemon’s official guidance was that “sales in most locations and on most retail pages will be impacted.”

In contrast, the “Latest Series of Website Changes” includes how you’ll find some of the season’s hottest trends.

Meanwhile, online shoppers will have the chance to score a pair of $170 Aspen @60 by Company To Anybody Who Knows, complete with a cashmere-lined cotton cardigan, while celebrities such as Zendaya and Shailene Woodley can grab Chanel @Grey’s $800 jacket. (Try on any of the pieces first.)

And you can’t leave home without your hard-earned dollars: Lululemon’s 38,000 sq. ft. flagship store on Madison Avenue just opened—but expect a last-minute surge on the website.

Read the full story at Esquire.


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