How Heat Is Killing People — A Look At The Deadliest Season Since Record Hike In 2014

– As part of the scorching conditions that have become commonplace across the United States, the National Weather Service will launch a special weather alert that will include alerts for excessive heat (Level 8), fire danger, severe thunderstorms, drought, tornadoes, and high winds.

How It Works

A special weather alert will immediately be issued when weather conditions warrant such a move, and the district in which the district is located can activate that warning.

This special weather alert will be sent to high-priority areas throughout the state, such as the Northland, Columbia County, and the Poconos, where conditions can be ripe for thunderstorms or tornadoes.

After receiving the level-1 alert, people are also alerted via their phones, so they will not miss the warning as the alert process works. People are already being warned to expect heightened concerns of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Excessive Heat

Some areas of the country are already experiencing the same dangerous conditions, including areas with almost no air conditioning. The heat index has also been sweltering this week, averaging well over 100 degrees in some areas, as the brutal conditions continue. According to the National Weather Service, this record high temperature can be reached anywhere in the U.S. – for any year in the last 50 years.

Extreme Heat Level 7:

Greenville, South Carolina: 106 degrees

Tallahassee, Florida: 105 degrees

Hesperia, California: 110 degrees

Slamile, California: 115 degrees

Wake Forest, North Carolina: 108 degrees

As you can see, several parts of the country are already experiencing record heat, at or near 100 degrees.

Day to night temperatures are expected to stay in the upper 80s and lower 90s by Saturday evening and will be known locally as “baker weather” – and will look to be even hotter in the weekend.

How Long It Will Last

The record heat means many parts of the country will be facing triple digits temperatures Monday – and we may see even more humidity as the rain and cooler air makes its way into the region.

The National Weather Service is calling for 2 inches of rain to fall Saturday night and overnight into Sunday, which will be necessary to prevent dangerous weather situations. Rain will mostly stay in the north and east parts of the U.S., so outdoor activities will be restricted during that time.

Regardless of whether or not the “baker weather” is still possible, temperatures will increase rapidly in the next three days – with the temperature climbing to 107 degrees by Tuesday, 112 degrees on Wednesday, and 120 degrees on Thursday.

The current average high temperatures for May 20 in New York City is 89 degrees. So, if you plan on heading out on the road this week, it’s important to remember that high temperatures could be below where they are often during hot, dry, and hazy, sunny conditions. And to show that you take the temperature message seriously, the warning also includes an extreme heat alert for communities located between New York City and Philadelphia – with districts located between New York City and New Jersey reporting similar conditions.

Excessive Heat Level 6:

Boynton Beach, Florida: 103 degrees

Baltimore, Maryland: 101 degrees

Knoxville, Tennessee: 101 degrees

Sanford, Florida: 102 degrees

Hewson, Indiana: 102 degrees

Memphis, Tennessee: 100 degrees

KDKA-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina: 100 degrees

Update: May 19, 2021: the National Weather Service sent this update for Glens Falls.

As we continue to prepare for the fierce heat this week, the National Weather Service also reminded people to be cautious about taking the temperature advice and keeping it simple – the ground temperature needs to be 77 degrees before an umbrella needs to be in your hand.

You can check the temperature if you plan on hitting the roads – and you’ll need that cool feeling to stay cool during the heatwave. The main message is to drink plenty of water and take extra steps to stay hydrated.

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