7 paintings and a bed for $1,100 by the Ring Gang gets sold in Allix art sale

The 3rd annual 6×6 art sale and Silent Auction is now online. Sponsored by the RoCo County Board of Supervisors and the Long Island Arts Council, it features five+ premium pieces of video art work, art-related bed linen and accessories, special steel wall prints, and digital art from a cast of 8 solo artists. Enjoy gallery-quality art starting at $350 per photograph. Gallery-quality art starts at $350 per photograph. “Stalking Songs” by Gang G. Pessah of Shelter Island takes the picturesque inns of North Fork, Long Island and Long Beach as they were lived in. Modular beds made out of zinc, metals, marble, and linen are perfect for lovers. Affectionately known as “Grassy Couch Boys,” 2 of the “Grassy Couch Boys” with various degree of popularity as photographers – Elliott Rudkin, will be selling 4th and 5th cot from the duo. Seen here is the Double-B bed and sleep set (from $625).

Featuring a portrait of Maria Shaw, Maria is one of five artists represented in the largest private sale on Long Island. Among the portraits are two of George Bernard Shaw (with Barbara Schroeder, now deceased), one from Taisha Bray on the town-controlled Wading River beach, one of our founders who headed the United Rubber Workers, and the one of Babe Ruth in the Bronx dugout and one of Willem de Kooning in Queens. On the far left are Paul Waldex and Tyler Choong.

With a $1.1M estimate and offering 384 works of video art by less than 20 self-identified artists – “shots of people on the beach…constantly flood the screen with people…impaired…indie but affected….unimaginable!” – the process is rigorous. After the sale, the artists are asked for sketch and reproduction work. Pay-day is $150 at this sale. Actual prices range from $250-$850 and are entirely direct. All artwork is sold by the artist, often through private sales and also through Circle Gallery – the present joint venture of Lawrence and James — the former RoCo County Board of Supervisors.

As with the annual 6×6 art sale, the Silent Auction is in person only. Take the, from the back, a real view of a projection screen. The presale tickets are available here: http://www.rosallislandsart….

These sales are ongoing through September 12.

—James E. McGee of the Long Island Arts Council is the chair of the auction committee



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