1927 Handyman’s Gazebo Hotel Offers $1 Million For Men’s May Property Sale

The 5,800-square-foot private residence in Buchanan Ranch is now listed for sale for the first time in 27 years. During the sale, which starts at $7.9 million, Villa Borghese Trust will purchase and donate its substantial land holdings to the Burbank Unified School District and lease the right to develop the property to mid-sized businesses, organizers of the hotel said.

It’s the largest S.F. home to ever sell on behalf of a single buyer, according to Real Estate Scoop.

Located in the Legacy of Buchanan Ranch, which once had a branch of Cal State San Francisco, the once-remote home has been renovated by Astoria P. Ham, who was part of the real estate community in Burbank until 1978.

Wooden pillars cover the new entry hall and vast wraparound foyer, which has been designed as a 13,000-square-foot library with two reading rooms. A marble staircase leads to the penthouse, which has nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The also-new upstairs apartment, which can be rented, has high ceilings, white oak floors and dark-stained tile floors.

A large guesthouse has its own kitchenette, views over the vineyard, family room with fireplace and French doors to a balcony with a view of the surrounding mountains and the Sprouse family canoodle on a terrace just steps from the patio. Another space on the main floor has an outdoor kitchen with bar and dining area.

Here’s a closer look at the new price.

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