Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jewelry Jewelry Auction Event Expected to Set Riches Record

Even as he owns two empires that may be one and the same, Patek Philippe has always operated with the ego. The 24-year-old French company is a little chameleon, moving between price ranges from $500 to $14 million to single high-end pieces and jewels for a single couture clientele.

This year’s auction features three of the most coveted diamond pendants, carried out by Leonardo DiCaprio in his 1997 Oscar-winning performance. Each is a one-of-a-kind design created exclusively for the auction house by the jewelry designer Pierre Franey and has been worn by the film star in exclusive collectible pieces throughout his career. The collection also includes brooches and cufflinks crafted by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Whether you plan to splurge on a couple of rings or a couple of onesie, $14 million should be all you care about. (Courtesy Christie’s Hong Kong)

View all three pieces in the HODINKEE beauty gallery above.

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